I have users master table and inspection tabl...

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I have users master table and inspection table as transaction table. In Inspection table, the users are referred as Enumlist. Now I want to have virtual field in users master table for no. of inspections done by individual user. Anyone help me for the expression?

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@Sarens_Nass_Middle_E Sorry, I posted an incorrect expression.Please ignore it. I will try to revert with correct one,if I get one soon.

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Hi @Sarens_Nass_Middle_E, Request you to try

expression mentioned below in the Master User Table in a virtual column

COUNT(SELECT(Inspection Table[Inspection ID],[USER ID Column name in Inspection Table]=[User ID Column name in Master User Table ]))

Here [Inspection ID] is the name of the Key column of Inspection table.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thanks