I have variety of question I desperately need help with pretty please

We are bookkeeper/accountants and I am designing this to be used by approx. 1000 clients (very small clients that don’t pay us much money -we are not a huge business-just so you understand).

We need this so they upload they can very simply input their income and expenditure. We then need to be able to retrieve this data at our end.

The questions I have are as follows;


1/ When a client first downloads the app onto their phone I need them to input their full name and email (which then needs to display by default from there on in om the . so that we can entry screen they see before going to the income and expenditure pages.

2/ I need to brand the APP with our LOGO on all pages

3/ I need to have content in the ABOUT section about our business, how do I do this?

4/ I need to delete ‘Assistant’ and ‘SHARE’ in the menu (as we don’t want clients to be able to share with none clients)

How do I create a entry page for them to input and save their full name and email (I only want them to do this once and then it is their by default from then on so all they need to do is logo into their App on their phone and start inputting data.


5/ How do we then retrieve/receive the information at our end for each client? Where can it be displayed.

6/ Does a client need to Save or Refresh their data before we can retrieve it?

Please don’t just send me a bunch of links (as they are too generic), if you can advise by answering my questions that would speed thing up so I can then finish the APP and buy the service.
If I need to buy the service now to get your detailed support please let me know.