I have what seems to be a bug to report. I've...

(Amir West) #1

I have what seems to be a bug to report. I’ve set up a form which is used for scanning bar codes, there’s just one entry field and its set for auto save and auto reopen. It works as expected such that when I scan a code the form saves and reopens to allow me to scan another.

The bug/problem I am experiencing is that after scanning the first item, if I don’t scan anything, after about 4 or 5 seconds the cursor goes away which forces me to have to click on the screen before scanning again.

This also makes it easy to screw up scans because if you’re not watching the screen you may not know whether the last scan went through. Is this any kind of known issue? I notice that the initial cursor won’t disappear at all, this behavior only happens after the first item has been scanned

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

May I ask why do you think it’s a problem if the cursor disappears because you should press the reader icon anyway?

(Amir West) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio I am not using the scanning functionality which uses the phone’s camera, I am using an external bluetooth connected scanner which simply fills in the bar code information after scanning with a laser light.

If the cursor is not there then this scanner naturally is not able to fill in the form…

My app is similar to this: appsheet.com - Repeat Scan - An app that repeatedly scans barcodes

Except that it does not have the field set as scannable and it is not a primary key field. I notice in the demo the cursor seems to stay active even when not in use Repeat Scan - An app that repeatedly scans barcodes appsheet.com


Hi @Amir_West1, does the input consistently lose focus like this every time or only sometimes? Are there any other hidden fields in the record such as LatLong with HERE() function for location capture?

(Amir West) #5


It’s actually quite consistent and repeatable Adam.

There are seven other hidden columns, none of which has anything set for location.

The input field in question has this formula in the ‘valid if’ section: =AND(TRUE,IN(LEN(TEXT([_THIS])),{10,13}))

That field also has the max length and min length parameters set.

Outside of that there’s another column which has a simple USEREMAIL() app formula set. Outside of those things its pretty vanilla I’d say.


@Amir_West1, thanks, I have an idea of what might be the problem. I’ll try to confirm.


I found the source of the problem, a fix will be coming tomorrow.

(Amir West) #8

Awesome, thank you so much!!