I have "Yes/No" Column in child table. I want...

(John Henry Joseph) #1

I have “Yes/No” Column in child table. I want “AND” result in parent column table. For Example:

In child table column values are “TRUE, FALSE, TRUE”, then result should be “FALSE” In Child table column values are “TRUE, TRUE, TRUE”, then result should be “TRUE”

How can i achieve this? Thanks.

(Steven Coile) #2



“Child Table”,

NOT([Yes/No Column])

) )

FILTER() gathers rows from Child Table where the Yes/No Column is FALSE. ISNOTBLANK() tests whether the resulting list of rows is not blank (i.e., is not an empty list; has at least one row that has a FALSE Yes/No Column value),

(John Henry Joseph) #3

Thanks Mr. Steve… Will this solve the purpose? IF(IN(FALSE, [Finding Status])=TRUE, FALSE, TRUE)

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

One option is ISBLANK(SELECT([RelatedChildRecords][YesNoColumn],[YesNoColumn]=FALSE)) and you don’t need to read the whole child table.