I just developed a table that contacts Accoun...

(Sarens Nass Middle East) #1

I just developed a table that contacts Account Head Name, Debit Balance and Credit Balance. Now i want to show Total of Debit and Credit. How should it be done? Can you please help me out?


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

There are few ways thow you can do that. You can sum them with the virtual column like SUM(TableName[Debit Balance]) and the same with Credit Balance. When you open the detail view, you can see them. With a bigger screen you are able to see them from the table view as well if needed.

One way is to add a virtual column with the expression like CONCATENATE(“Debit: $”,SUM(TableName[Debit Balance])," Credit: $",SUM(TableName[Credit Balance])) and then group the table view with that column.