I just dont or cant understand this ? Your A...

(Property Maintenance) #1

I just dont or cant understand this ?

Your Account Needs More Licenses User: ))))))) : P Mainte

Alert: Need at least 10 user licenses for the use of whitelabel apps. You currently have 1 licenses.

Immediate Attention Requested: All apps and app users in your account could be impacted or blocked after a period of 3 days.

Your apps have been shared with more users than you have licenses for - to keep your apps active, be sure to add more user licenses. To monitor your app users, visit your User Activity Details page.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You are probably using PRO plan and you have set the option Manage > Deploy > White-Label > White label this app to ON. You are seeing this alert because Whitelabel apps require a PRO plan with a minimum of 10 user licenses.