I just noticed that "App Formulas" with the f...

(Tom Graham) #1

I just noticed that “App Formulas” with the formula: NOW()

Are not working.

i.e. the data in the Google Sheet cell, is not updating to the current Day/Time.

This is a major effect on our Apps. Looks like we may have missed entering a vast number of stocktake counts due to this problem. As our system had recorded the counts will old dates (dates that were already in the field)

But I think an “app formula” should ALWAYS overwrite the value previously in the cell, whenever the record is saved in appsheet.

Is there some known issue with the NOW() function?

(Tom Graham) #2


  • issue is only with 1x smartphone - tested browser version, and then 4x other Galaxy S6 - all are fine - only 1x Galaxy S6 has the issue

If anyone has info or ideas about what is causing this on 1 phone, would be much appreciated!

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

When this user updated the record, are those other fields updated?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

What Android version is running on that phone? We use a standard system call to get the current time, and have never heard of a problem with it.

(Tom Graham) #5

problem phone running android version 6.0.1

other phones running version 7.0

(Tom Graham) #6

today, we had similar issue. - my staff member is 99% sure he entered the record from Browser

(Tom Graham) #7
  • I tested with the browser, and no problem now. - I then tested all smartphones again, and even the one that had the problem yesterday, is now working OK.
(Tom Graham) #8

So, I presume nothing has changed Appsheet side over the last 24hours?

Seems we have odd bug… We will have to continue to monitor the date records carefully under we can understand how the problem occurs.

It really affect how we use the app, if the dates can be randomly missing.

(Tom Graham) #9


what do you mean by “those other fields”

  • I tested by updating 1 field by manually changing some data, and the Date field should update itself at the same due to the “App Formula”
(Aleksi Alkio) #10

I was thinking if any other field is updated normally when he/she updated the record.