I just setup a grouped action that executes t...

I just setup a grouped action that executes two other actions, both of which are linktoform(). It goes to the first form successfully, but when that is saved it doesn’t go to the second. Is this possible?

Yes, the actions executes one by one until a “go to another view” action appears, after that it stops.

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Dang. Well I don’t actually need the user to be able to edit anything, so I guess workflow API calls are the way to go here. Thanks


Why don’t you create an Action for the first form’s table with LINKTOFORM() and use it as an Form Saved action of the first form? It will fire the 2nd form after the 1st one is saved

Yah thought of that, but that form is used for other things too. I suppose I can make a copy of that form. Thanks

I’m trying to do something similar.
FormA > FormB (on condition) > FormC (Always after A even if B is not triggered).

FormA > Grouped Action > FormB|FormC
FormB > Saved Action > FormC
But FormB may be canceled, in which case I still want FormC to view.

More easier way is if you do that behavior directly with the action (and then use it as an event ation). You could write something like…
IF(YourValidation,LINKTOFORM(“FormBView”,“ID”,UNIQUEID()),LINKTOFORM(“FormCView”,“ID”,UNIQUEID())). If your evaluation is false, it will directly open the FormC. If it’s true, it will open the FormB view and when you save it, the event action will open the FormC view.

There’s no way to handle a cancelled form as far as I can tell.

Perhaps A, B, and C should instead be separate pages of a single form?

FormA is a site survey.
FormB is a ticket system.
FormC is a contractor invoice.

FormA may have a false value, which should trigger FormB, but FormB is per a contractors discretion, not alway appropriate to be saved. FormC should always be presented and saved.

I think the only logic that is supported is A > C > B (because of the lack of a Cancel Action), but not the most convenient flow.

The tables of the forms are different, the logic requires this, form pages only applies to the same table?

Why is there no Cancel Action the same as there is a Save Action?