I just setup a grouped action that executes t...

(Marc Dillon) #1

I just setup a grouped action that executes two other actions, both of which are linktoform(). It goes to the first form successfully, but when that is saved it doesn’t go to the second. Is this possible?

(Fernando López) #2

Yes, the actions executes one by one until a “go to another view” action appears, after that it stops.

(Marc Dillon) #3

Dang. Well I don’t actually need the user to be able to edit anything, so I guess workflow API calls are the way to go here. Thanks

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #4


Why don’t you create an Action for the first form’s table with LINKTOFORM() and use it as an Form Saved action of the first form? It will fire the 2nd form after the 1st one is saved

(Marc Dillon) #5

Yah thought of that, but that form is used for other things too. I suppose I can make a copy of that form. Thanks