I keep receiving a syncing error

Hi all,

I have set-up 2 applications. One is a sample application - the national parks one. The second one a simple survey app.

Both worked fine. I have not worked on them for the past week. Now as I wanted to continue I cannot sync the apps.Neither on my mobile device nor in the preview. After a while am receiving this error: FileOpenBaseDocumentCheckOperationFailed. There is more to that but I left it out for fear of making this thread too long.

I have checkd the source docs and they are still in place and unchanged. I am puzzled as to what the issue is and how this happened.

thank you for assistance.

Here is the complete error message

Unable to fetch app definition.

Error: Table’s file ‘//OneDrive//appsheet//data//IGA2-1135217//Member IGA Information_2.xlsx’ is not accessible due to: Error code: FileOpenBaseDocumentCheckOperationFailed

Error message: Service is unavailable. Please try again.

Stack trace: at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.GetResultCore(Boolean waitCompletionNotification)

at Nirvana.Data.ExcelAPITable.<>c__DisplayClass99_0.b__0(String workbookSessionId) in d:\a\1\s\V2API\Providers\MicrosoftProvider\ExcelAPITable.cs:line 235

at V2API.Providers.MSGraphUtilities.ExecuteSessionOperationWithRetry(Context context, String accessToken, Action`1 operation, String sessionId, String userToken, PhysicalSchema physicalSchema, String operationName, Exception& fatalException, Int32 userId, Int32 maxRetryCount, String debugInfo) in d:\a\1\s\V2API\Providers\MicrosoftProvider\MSGraphUtilities.cs:line 967

Debug information:

Method: GetSheetUsedRange

. Error: The table IGA2-1135217:1.000089:Member IGA Information is not available Error: Data table ‘Member IGA Information’ is either inaccessible or empty.

Update: I cannot clone the app either. it says that Microsoft cloud service is unavailable. Again, does anybody know what is going on?

Please contact support@appsheet.com directly for help with this.

Would this have anything to do with the big O365 outages?

it could be. I am not aware of any 365 outages. have they been resolved? thanks