I keep sending duds to my 10 free testers. Can anyone give me clear parameters to share the app

Could anyone give me a single-path step by step suggestion how to:

Share with my 10 free testers before upgrading and deploying me app, please?

I keep sending out duds or ones that testers jump through 4 hoops to a dud.

If I press: Share, then what? In What’s app it suggests it’s just to sell people into Appshare not to see my app.


Are your test users on mobile devices or on computers?

Mobile: https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/962196-launching-apps-from-appsheet-s-mobile-app-gallery

Web: provide them the shareable link available in the app editor here:

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I think they’re using iphones. I tried on another browser and asks me to sign into Google, which neither of them use.


I tried all the links to share, from the app gallery, from there, from the address bar when i previewed. All hoop jumping for my primary testers.

If you are requiring users to login, then you have to chose a valid authentication provider. If you don’t want to use Google, you can change it here:

You also need to make sure you have added your test users to the application white-list. Otherwise it will prevent them from logging in.