I keep sending duds to my 10 free testers. Can anyone give me clear parameters to share the app

Could anyone give me a single-path step by step suggestion how to:

Share with my 10 free testers before upgrading and deploying me app, please?

I keep sending out duds or ones that testers jump through 4 hoops to a dud.

If I press: Share, then what? In What’s app it suggests it’s just to sell people into Appshare not to see my app.


Are your test users on mobile devices or on computers?

Mobile: https://help.appsheet.com/en/articles/962196-launching-apps-from-appsheet-s-mobile-app-gallery

Web: provide them the shareable link available in the app editor here:

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I think they’re using iphones. I tried on another browser and asks me to sign into Google, which neither of them use.


I tried all the links to share, from the app gallery, from there, from the address bar when i previewed. All hoop jumping for my primary testers.

If you are requiring users to login, then you have to chose a valid authentication provider. If you don’t want to use Google, you can change it here:

You also need to make sure you have added your test users to the application white-list. Otherwise it will prevent them from logging in.


I didn’t want any of this. Just for 10 first readers to have a look and give me feedback before I deployed the app.

Signposting needs a huge amount of improvement and communication from Appsheet does not sufficiently warn me what can or should or should not be done with those 10 users. Clearly they’ve uploaded a pic and personalised the app.

How do I rectify this so I can make final tweaks to app before I deploy IN MY GOOD TIME after my marketing presentation I should be working on now not dealing with this unexpected barrier?

@SophieSweatman please stop this!

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They are all in the whitelist. 10 users within 30 days as warned.

For me this has happened all the wrong way round. I was going to upgrade on Friday as my course were paying the $50 a month to test my prototype.

I had not wanted them to download app sheet or log in at all. It just took them down that route.

They got invites and then there were no roadmaps to just see the app to give me feedback before I upgraded. Now I’ve dropped into the hole and it is not signposting me how to go and switch off personal use that I do not remember toggling in the first place.

One of the users was me looking at it on my phone through the same email attached to my account, which made this unexpected.

I keep communicating to try to get my point across. I feel I am failing as I am completely stuck and have a deadline to get on with so am panicking and disorientated.

The upgrade was due to happen but this is like forcing me when am not ready yet.

I encourage you to contact support@appsheet.com directly. The team there is best suited to help you.

Yes, have done now. Thank you. I had a huge panic as blown massively off track.

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