I lost all my saved works

It happened twice already. Lucky that in both cases, I was doing just UI updates.

Steps that I did

  1. Updated a table to “Read-only” state (That saving stick)
  2. I want to update a table view based on another table view. So to reference that, I open the same app in another window.
  3. Saved the table view successfully. And start adding/updating format rules. I did few saving. During the process, my saving start acting abnormal. Although I save the editor, I didn’t refresh.
  4. So I reloaded the whole editor.

After I reloaded the editor, everything was reversed back to step 2 stage. (At least , a state similar to step 2. I lost track of all my changes) I lost everything I did in step 3.

I checked my version history and it showed as if i did save only twice today.

Similar thing happened to me yesterday but I thought it was just hick up. (Didn’t think I did open a duplicate editor)

This is a serious bug.

Hi @Steve , are you aware of any similar bug reported?

I suspect this caused the problem. I believe the app editor performs a consistency check when the app editor is opened, which can produce a new version. I’m not terribly familiar with the inner workings of the app editor, though, so I can’t say for sure.

I’d encourage you to engage support@appsheet.com for help with this.

I reported it already.

If there’s a new version saved somewhere else, I should get an error.

One thing for sure, I didn’t saved anything on the new window I opened.

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I attempted to trigger the error on purpose and I found the issue.

It did show the error under “Info” page. The problem is the error can only be seen only when I open the info page.

I don’t think users will check the info page every time we save our work, especially when we are saving low impact changes like UI stuffs.

From the user point of view, everything else looks normal. The editor and preview get reloaded normally. The version inconsistency error should be way obvious than what we have now. It should be a pop up message box (or something similar).


Related feature request : Show an error message when the current development tab is not the latest version


Thank you for raising this, Steven!

We’re working on a much more obvious error message bar to show when Save fails - because of version inconsistency or any other issue. You should see a fix for this by the end of the month.

As to the larger this-tab-is-stale problem - it’s very much on my radar. We’ll get it addressed.


Me, personnely want to throw error message to user when they see error like the most typical error tyep, “inconsistency of app version” to guide them “To proceed and keep using the app, you need to reset the app, you may lose the unsaved data though. Go to menu and select the “reset” button to erase the unsaved save due to sync error.”
Something like that.

At the same time, it is useful we, app creator have option to customize , even localize the error texts to guide non-english speaking app users.