I love dashboards but want to further customi...

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I love dashboards but want to further customize the layout/look.

Could you allow for a drag and drop capability?

For instance, the current app I’m developing will be used on PC only.

I have 3 panes in my dashboard, 2 are wide table views, and 1 is a small gallery view that provides navigation options.

Because one of my 2 wide table views has many more columns and is the most important data on this page, I’d like for it to be always fixed at the top of the page, spanning the entire width of the view.

I’d like the bottom half of the view to contain my 2nd table view + my small gallery view.

Right now, the editor defaults my small gallery view to the top right, which impacts the data I can see in my most important table, leaving the less important table to span the entire bottom of the screen.

I’ve tried every combination of sizes and orders of the windows that I can think of.

I thought the best way to handle it would be 3 wide views, all stacked on top of each other, but then it defaults to 3 horizontal views instead of 3 stacked vertical views.

Can’t win!

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #2

Hi @JMI_Labs1, You may wish to try with first top large table view as “Large” type and the next two that you with to have beneath as “Tall” type.

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Hi @JMI_Labs1,I realize that you wish to use the app on PC and not tablet.My requested option works well on tablet view.

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @JMI_Labs1,

Please refer the below picture of PC view of a dashboard.

My settings

  1. First view at the top - Wide 2) Two views below - Tall for each

Hope this helps.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar Thanks!

I will give that a shot.

My current Small window is so insignificant that I think it will feel giant, but I think its the best solution.