I love the ability to “disable” format rules ...


I love the ability to “disable” format rules with a button and was wondering if that could be added to Views as well.

I often configure different views and make adjustments but would like to be able to enable/disable with a button.

For now I add FALSE to the Show_If, but that’s messy and not easy to see.


(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

We just introduced the Disable button for Format Rules and Workflow Rules.

Those have been requested a lot.

I suppose you could think of the Disable button as identical to a “comment out” option and make it available for every element of the app definition. The concern is though that this could make for a very messy app (and a host of questions along the lines of – “my view isn’t showing” – and after debugging, we find it was accidentally disabled).

So not saying your request is invalid — it isn’t. But just explaining why we’re moving a bit cautiously on this.



Thanks for the quick response!

I really appreciate the efforts to take feedback, and support considering all implications of changes.

One thing I will say is, from a appsheet user point of view, the more consistent you are with UI controls across the solution, the less confusing the experience is.

Since Views are the control point for what shows up on the bottom tray and the Menu, enable/disable capability seemed like a logical way to test and expose or hide access.

No matter what, thanks for all the hard work appsheet, and particularly your efforts to listen to user feedback!