I’m trying to creat an app but having issues ...

(Tony Bird) #1

I’m trying to creat an app but having issues

I’ve created a column in sheets with a list of manufacturers

Then I’ve created a tab for each manufacturer that goes into depth with information that I need.

I’ve managed to get the list of manufacturers up in the app but can’t get any of the manufacturers to link through to the sheet tabs!! It’s now driving me insane Does anyone have any advise?

(Philip Garrett) #2


Creating a tab for each manufacturer is the problem.

Normally, the following approach works much better.

Create one worksheet that contains all of the manufacturers. There should be one row in the worksheet for each manufacturer.

The first column in the worksheet should be the ManufacturerId key field that uniquely identifies each manufacturer. I normally use a text field and set its InitialValue to UNIQUEID(). If you already have a key value that uniquely identifies each manufacturer, use that instead.

Create one column in the worksheet for each property you need to store for each manufacturer. For example,

you might have properties for address, phone, email, etc.

The idea is to create one worksheet (and hence one table) for each type of thing you are keeping track of in your app. For example, you might create one worksheet per Manufacturer, another for Orders, another for Products, etc. You then use References to link the records in your tables.

(Tony Bird) #3


Many thanks for the reply The issue is I need to list many items per manufacturer

So would I be best creating a single sheet for each manufacturer?

(Philip Garrett) #4


Can you explain what you mean by “I need to list many items per manufacturer.”

For example, if the items are “Products” that each manufacturer offers, then you should create a table for “Products”.


It might also help to take a quick look at how table references work as it helps you imagine the google sheet structures and key fields you might need.help.appsheet.com - References Between Tables