I made a little app to display survey results...

(Kirk Masden) #1

I made a little app to display survey results from Google forms.

In addition to displaying the results in graph format, the “comments” section displays text that respondents typed in with the letter that they chose for their response (A, B, C, D, or E).

I would like the letters to be displayed prominently, as you see on the right but the default is for small text (the “E” you see on the bottom left).

I increased the size of the text with a format rule but, for some reason, I have to sync twice after a new entry in made in the form for the letter to appear in the right size.

What you see on the left is after the initial sync (to bring the new data into the app) and what you see on the right is what the screen looks like after an additional sync. Why would an additional sync be necessary?

I’m making this app under another account so if you need to actually look at the app to understand the nature of this problem please let me know.

(Kirk Masden) #2

Update: I found that navigating away from the “Comments” view (to “Chart,” for example) and then back to “Comments” fixes the problem.

But, of course, it’s a hassle to have to do this every time.