I made an app with a calendar. Trying to use...

(David Clemons) #1

I made an app with a calendar.

Trying to use categories to change the colors of the tasks/appointments on the calendar.

I have add screen shots of the table used for the calendar with the category, a screenshot of the calendar, and a screen shot of the field for category in the calendar UI/UX pointing to category.

Any thoughts on why the colors don’t match?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

I believe currently the colors are automatically set to a different color for each category, so the Category field does not actually mean the color you pick; it is just the name of the column you want to select as a criteria to categorize.

(Alper) #3

The color list seems fixed. but in future, it would be nice if it gets connected to the text color feature under “format rules”.

(David Clemons) #4

Ok thanks for info.

And I agree it would be nice if we could color our calendar how we want with maybe our own colors.