I made our first service technician team app ...

(Audiovisual Services Headend) #1

I made our first service technician team app but I need a few more tweak to make it more awesome App.

  1. How do I automate users names be included in every new data submissions? 2. What are the image sizes for user ID’s and what application can you recommend to make the image size adjustment? 3. Logo & Sync image always comes is formatted small but they come out huge still
(Aleksi Alkio) #2

#1 - You can use USEREMAIL(). If you need the name, you could create a small user table with email and name columns and then read the name with LOOKUP expression. #2 - You can set the image size from the UX options. Tiny is 200px and default 600x #3 - Logo could be 600x600px and good size for background image could be 1000x1000px.