I moved the source file for my app in onedriv...

(Chad Ross) #1

I moved the source file for my app in onedrive and received an error in appsheet next time it was synced saying the file was moved.

I put the file back in the original location and the app resumed working… sort of.

The app works and syncs with no errors but when the excel spreadsheet is opened up there is no new data in it.

Any ideas??

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Chad_Ross Hi Chad, to help us investigate this problem, please give us the account ID, the name of the app, and the name of the table(s) affected.

(Chad Ross) #3

@Harry The account ID is 542282, The app name is 10-32 Log MS, Table is 2018v1

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #4

@Chad_Ross Hi Chad, here’s what I saw when I looked into your OneDrive files and folders using AppSheet’s file explorer:

1/ In the root directory of your OneDrive account, there’s a spreadsheet called “10-32 Battery Log feb20.xlsx”

2/ In the directory root\appsheet\data\10-32LogMS-105345-2, there’s a spreadsheet named “2018v1.xlsx”

Currently, the app’s table is hooked up to the worksheet “2018v1” inside the first spreadsheet. Is this the correct setup that you want? Also, is the first spreadsheet the one where you want the change to be reflected, or is it the second spreadsheet? Where did you first move the spreadsheet to?

(Chad Ross) #5


The app is suppose to dump into the 2018v1 spreadsheet in the “10-32 Battery Log” workbook.

So I think it should look something like “10-32 Battery Log feb20.xlsx” ->

“2018v1” (a spreadsheet inside 10-32 battery log)

I moved the 10-32 battery log in my one drive in an attempt to organize it

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #6

@Chad_Ross What were the changes that you made in the app that did not make it into the sheet? Also, could you check the location where you moved the sheet to initially? Is there any similar sheet in this location? Do you see the changes you made in this sheet?