I need a Timed trigger - not an "OnEdit" trigger - which i have

I am trying to create a trigger inside google sheets to automatically change the cell value for me. I cannot use =RAND, =RANDBETWEEN, or NOW(). I have a Google sheet that needs to automatically refresh. I have another software add on (with two formulas running).

MGVEHICLES - pulls all vehicles
MGSTATUS - pulls status of the vehicles

On another sheet (i created) - i have it where when the cell ‘A1’ value is changed - it will automatically pull the two formulas above and show the new data.

The propblem i am having is how to make that cell - ‘A1’ automatically update itself. I tried =RANDBETWEEN - but due to the two previous formulas (above) they will not accept that. I need a trigger (or script/function) to do this.

I came up with this:

function onEdit() {
var sh = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getActiveSheet();
var row = sh.getActiveCell().getRowIndex();
var value = sh.getActiveCell().getValue();
sh.getRange(row, 2).setValue(value);

This is giving me issues:

It is changing based on the ACTIVE sheet. I need it to be the one sheet (specified)
It needs to be Timed - NOT OnEdit ( i do not know how to do this)

Any thoughts?

FYI - here are the two sheets i have:

Sheet I need cell ‘A1’ to automatically change the value

Sheet that will update when ‘A1’ from the first sheet updates:

There are no Timer function in AppSheet.

It looks like you are wanting to do this from the Google sheet itself. Your best bet is to use Google Scripts.

Doing a search I did find the article below on building a Countdown Timer. I presume you could modify it for Stopwatch like function.

You might also do some additional searching for Google Timer functions.

Thank you and yes i was looking for a solution in Google. Thanks again…