I need concatenate a value but not if the value already exist

how the app work:
i have an app that scan somes QR’s
SO, a row (POS SPT) Scan the QR’s and another row (POS entregues) Concatenate these.

but if some one scan the same QR, my app concatenate it too.

i need a way to not concatenate if the value already exist.

I suggest changing POS entregues to a List type instead of Text, then you could do this:

[POS entregues]
+ IFS(
      [POS SPT],
      [POS entregues]

when i change the type to list, it’s tell me that only virtual column can be list type.

So i need to create a virtual colum to get your appformula and set POS entregues to get the virtual colum value?

Whoops! My mistake. Make it an EnumList type. Keep the column a normal (not virtual) column.

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