I need help relational tables (sorry for my English)

I am trying to develop a Treasury Management app, in which different users load a Payment Preorder in the PREORDERS table with three possible recipients, namely Suppliers, Employees or Beneficiaries, which must then be approved, must be selected by a single user ( The Treasurer) and generate the payment in the PAYMENTS table selecting from the Preorders table, the possible recipients in those records that have the STATUS = Completed field and the APPROVED <> TRUE field. I can not get it to only list the field NAME AND SURNAME / COMPANY NAME, those that meet the condition described.
Thanks in advance

Hoja de la Google sheet PAGOS

Hoja de la Google sheet PREORDENES

Columnas desde la app

What have you tried?

SELECT(Preordenes[Nombre y apellido / Razón Social], (Preordenes[Aprobada] < > True), TRUE)

Cannot compare List with Yes/No in (PREORDENES[Aprobada] <> “TRUE”)

Column Name ‘Nombre y Apellido / Razon Social’ in Schema ‘Pagos_Schema’ of Column Type ‘Ref’ has an invalid data validation constraint ‘=Select(Preordenes[Nombre y Apellido / Razon Social], (Preordenes[Aprobada] <> TRUE),TRUE)’. Cannot compare List with Yes/No in (PREORDENES[Aprobada] <> “TRUE”)


Remove the bold part below:

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Marc, I removed the indicated, the expression is now valid but the app gives a fatal error

Please provide a screenshot of the error.