I need help to open a file created be bot

i made a bot in automation in my app to create a pdf file and and save it with path “attachment” i made a column and called it file and mad its type as a file i tried with several ways to but the path in this column but it always give me 404 file directory is wrong
ineed help with that please

Did you disable the timestamp?

yes i disabled it

can you give me the formula of the column that should contain the file to make sure i’m right
i’m using this

CONCATENATE(“Attachments/”,[Full Name],[Invoice No.],".pdf")

Does the output match the actual file names in your GDrive?

Yes the name of the files are correct

@kerolos_nader_2 your post title suggests that you are trying to open a file. Did you mean you are trying to create a new file through a “Run a task” step of type “Create a file”? I have posted a video that shows the default behavior of the create a file (without any formula) & the one with a formula. The 404 suggests that you may not have access to that folder.

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I have successfully created the file in the desired google drive directory. Is it possible to automate opening it after creating to print, or to automate printing it automatically on completion?


Not with Appsheet, but there are other services you can try to automate printing. This thread would probably be a good start (make sure to search for other too though):

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