I need help with Slice Row filter condition

We have a Service vehicle app that lets users log the odometer ready every time they use the car.

I need help with expression to enter in the Slice Row Filter condition to show only entries that are for today and today’s month.

Thank you.

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For today:

(TODAY() = DATE([DateTime]))

For this month:

(EOMONTH(TODAY(), 0) = EOMONTH([DateTime], 0))

It works! Thank you very much!. @Steve

One last thing… can you send a reference to learn all this stuff about expressions?

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Great. Thanks again.

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Hi colleagues
and for yesterday?


Rather than do it for you, how about you share what you’ve tried?

Hi Steve,
I checked by “Today” and it is OK and running:

“and(isnotblank([data prevista d’actuació]),(TODAY()= DATE([data prevista d’actuació])-1),OR(([estat])=“0: oberta”, ([estat])=“1: iniciada”,([estat])=“3: reoberta”))”

but for “yesterday” i tried diferents options and it not runs.

ex: ((TODAY()= DATE([data prevista d’actuació])-1)

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Yesterday is (TODAY() - 1), so:

(TODAY() - 1) = DATE([data prevista d’actuació])
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Thks Steve,
I had already tried it as you told me,
but the problem was that the parenthesis after the (-1) was missing.

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