I need request a receipt

How can i request a receipt after purchase appsheet ?

Your receipts are sent via email:

Provided you need in an additional format (i.e. PDF etc.) you can contact sales@appsheet.com for your request.

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Other question, if my application expire then auto re-subscribe or not.
Thank you for your help.

What do you mean with this? AppSheet charges your entered credit card at the same day of the 1st transaction every month, so your licences are renewed every month. Provided in a particular month your payment fall due, and the transaction cannot be made, than you will notice a yellow triangle with exclamation mark next to the My Account tab when you log in to your AppSheet account from browser. AppSheet allow you some reasonable time-frame to fix the problem and your subscription prevails. However, provided you do not fix the problem in a certain amount of time, than your account is blocked and your apps become unusable and not runnable. For that “reasonable time-frame”, I may advise contacting sales@appsheet.com.

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