I need some advice about data/table organizat...

(Seth Berman) #1

I need some advice about data/table organization, security, and sync time.

So what effects speed/syncing more?

the number of rows and columns in a sheet?

the number of VCs?

the number of tables?

This is my first App so bare with me.

So my app consists of 25 tables.

5 of these are data tables which will be updated throughout the day as stuff happens at work.

The rest are tables are static data, such as customer lists, or product lists for the inventory,

placeholder tables to be used as menu landing pages in the app, or tables that consist of a begin date, end date, and between 5 and 20 or so VCs that function as in App reports.

Since the App is nearing completion i’ve noticed Sync times averaging around 12 - 16 seconds.

id love to get that back under 10,

especially since the Google sheet only has test data in it right now and not the full amount of data it would have under production use.

I’ve used the analyzer to track sync issues and it is almost all caused by the number of tables and the number of VCs.

I’m not sure how to fix that very easily.

i have seen references here on the forum to using security settings for sync speed reasons, how does that work?

Is it possible to create a table where each column will be a user group, then list email addresses per group and use the column name in the security settings on the tables?

What is considered to many rows for a table in Appsheet, particularly if a VC has to run a select on it?

One of our use cases will involve pasting about 20000 rows a month into the google sheet and reporting on it in Appsheet.

(Tony Fader) #2

@Seth_Berman I’d first look at the performance profile to see where in your app time is being spent. That will give you an indication if it’s in virtual columns or merely reading the rows: help.appsheet.com - Performance Profile

This article has different strategies that you can try out once you’ve found the bottleneck: https://help.appsheet.com/performance-scale-reliability/performance/improving-the-speed-of-sync Performance Profile help.appsheet.com