I need some help. I know I can use a Workflo...

(Mark Tuckey) #1

I need some help.

I know I can use a Workflow rule to Email a pdf on demand by creating a button that triggers a change in condition on a cell for a particular row.

And I can see I can use a Report to create a list of entries in the entire Table on an emailed pdf, but this seems to be restricted to a scheduled time and not on demand.

How can I create a pdf List of everything on the table that is triggered on demand by a button?

I need to be able to create a printable list of all the addresses of completed jobs and the Colours that was used.

(Philip Garrett) #2


You can do this using a workflow rule.

Create a button that triggers a change in condition on a cell for a particular row. This is the approach described in the article it sounds like you read.

Your workflow rule should include either an Attachment Template, a

Body Template, or both, with a Start expression that selects and lists all of the relevant rows from the appropriate table.

You have two choices when writing the Start expression. You can either write a Start expression that selects the relevant rows from the table. Alternatively, you can create a Slice over that table that selects the relevant rows from the table.

The slice approach may be slightly easier because you can see exactly which rows the slice returns.

The important point, is that the Start expression in your template can select and list any records you wish to display from the table. It is not restricted based on which record triggered the workflow rule. Normally you do list the record that triggered the workflow rule, but that is not a requirement. Your Start expression can access any table and list whatever records you wish.

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Thanks Philip, I’m not sure how I can use the slice approach to filter out the row returns?

is it something like:

<<Start:[Slice filter]>> Address: <<[Address]>> Colour: <<[Paint Colour]>> <>

(Suvrutt Gurjar) #4

Hi @Mark_Tuckey, The slice expression for multiple records will look something like below

<<Start: Select(CompletedJobs [Key Column], TRUE)>> Column1 Header: <<[Column1]>> Column2 Header: <<[Column2]>> Column3 Header: <<[Column3]>> ……… ……… ……… ColumnN Header: <<[ColumnN]>>


Where CompletedJobs is the name of the slice

on the table and Column1, Column2, Column3… CoumnN are the columns that you wish to have in the report.

I tested as per @Philip_Garrett_Appsh 's guidance. While coming up with multi row template expression ,I used option of create template by using

“Behavior- > Reports” “Email Body Template " option and simply copied that file in Workflow” Email Body template"

option. Advantage was Reports option creates multi row template expression by default as against single row expression in Behavior - > Workflow option.

Hope this helps.

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@Suvrutt_Gurjar Yes this helps a lot. Thanks