I need the data changes from one form to populate into another

I have been at this for days now trying too figure this ONE LAST THING out to get my app up and running. It has to be as simple to use as possible, its a very simple inventory in/out tracker that logs when and who makes changes and changes in what quantity (+ or -). The idea seemed really easy but I’m having trouble making it work.

Hi @ae.daniel
Have you tried using the action “add a new row to another table using values from this row”
Would that work for you?


I am definitely sure that is exactly the action I need to use, but the problem arises that the form for inventory change to “food” doesn’t ask for all the information that goes into the log… and as I’m typing this I realize that perhaps that is something I could add… in like a “show if changes are made” sort of way… let me try it out and I’ll post here if I can get it to work or not.


So I am finding I can’t figure out how to connect the form input to the table, like I know the action I want to happen, but then I don’t know how to assign the form input to the new row in the different table. I’ve tried several things.