I need the date to match up

I have an API that we had a vendor build to get my data from a table. This is a snapshot of the raw data table:

I circled a creation date example. In that table you can see the date and time to be:
“1/16/2020 9:46 PM”

Below is what shows up in my app:

As you can see the time is off by exactly 6 hours. I have contacted the vendor who built the API and he said it is correct in his API. He asked if inside Appsheet can i change the default Time?

I think i can, but i only want the times adjusted for this table ( this is the only one so far using the API).


There is likely a locale mismatch. Are your locales all st properly?

Where would i look for that?


I have read through this article and my locale is set up correctly…

This is what the vendor sent me. Is it maybe his format that is mismatching the time?


Instead of the [CurrentDate] why don’t you use UTCNOW() in your JSON?

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Good idea. Thanks. Let me try this…