I need to be able to download the full resolu...

(Stephen Mattison) #1

I need to be able to download the full resolution photo from my app that was sent in a Workflow Gmail.

I have app set to take photos at Full resolution.

The photos that show up in my WF Email are low-res and not easily downloadable.

I’m pretty sure that @praveen told me that to download the full hi-res photo I need to build a Hyperlink URL that I will include in my WF Email.

Can someone please help me figure this out?

Any other solutions to be able to better access hi-res photos from Workflow Email would be much appreciated!


(Tony Fader) #2

@Stephen_Mattison You can use the technique on this page to get a public URL to your image, if that works: appsheet.com - Images in sheets - How to have images show up in your Google Sheet Images in sheets - How to have images show up in your Google Sheet appsheet.com

(Stephen Mattison) #3


I see this sample app Concatenates/creates the Image URL in the Sheet, will this work for my Workflow email?

Will this link be available for the WF to send out automatically immediately after photo is taken?


(Stephen Mattison) #4

@tony When I view the image URL from this Sample App, I still do not see a way to easily Download this Image.

And the name of the file is just “gettableurl.jpeg”, so if I send several Photos in a Workflow email, are they all going to have the same name, this would not be good? We need a MUCH, MUCH better way to access/download Workflow Photos.

I’ve been asking about this major problem for almost a year. Also, I copied this Sample app, changed Image Upload Size to Full to see if I would get a Hi-resolution Photo and I get this error message when I click the URL to view the Photo. @Aleksi_Alkio do you have any magic for this problem?


(Tony Fader) #5

@Stephen_Mattison Yes, unfortunately the filename is not preserved when you download the image in this manner. Please post your feature requests at appsheet.com/feature-requests

(Stephen Mattison) #6


OK, I will submit another feature request where you requested.

This is for my Photo Booth App that I am trying to sell to Budweiser, would be a Whale Client for you & me.

This is not a one-off case-use, robust Photo functionality is necessary for many Apps, like every Inspection App, etc.

I must say, I really thought this would get more serious attention and solutions.

As I’ve said previously, if I can’t fix this one little issue, the App will not work for Budweiser.

I have been requesting this improved Photo access and functionality for WF Photos for about a year now, both here in the Community and through AS Support emails.