I need to be able to upload a new source file...

(Jeff F.) #1

I need to be able to upload a new source file (Google Drive) for my app on a weekly basis. The table is completely the same but with different pricing on items. Uploading is the easiest for other staff.

Problem is that even after naming the file the same, Appsheet looks for the Doc Id instead so it doesn’t connect to the new file.

How do I upload a file, name it the same and have Appsheet use that table WITHOUT me going in to the app to reconnect?

(Reza Raoofi) #2

Unfortunately you cannot upload or create a new google sheet; as soon as you do so a new Doc ID will be assigned, and Doc ID is what matters to AppSheet to identify the spreadsheet in Google Drive, not the spreadsheet name; the spreadsheet name is just like a description that is displayed in Google Drive.

But if every week your new data is provided in form of a new Google sheet, you can copy the new sheet (tab) from new week’s data to existing spreadsheet that your app is currently connected to, then make sure the new sheet has the same exact column headers, and rename the existing sheet (tab) to something like “sheet_old”, so you can rename the new copied sheet (tab) to the table name in your app, then on the next sync your app should reconnect to new data which will exist in the same original spreadsheet with the same Doc ID.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Other than @RezaRaoofi just explained, why don’t you use the same sheet and filter the data with a security filter?

(Jeff F.) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio can you explain how to do this? Also, is Doc Id used with other data sources as well? Like Dropbox


Hi @Jeff_F How is your source file being populated. Where does it come from?