I need to change every column row that have my username

What i have:

      • An app with somes tasks to someone do along the day, but after some hour this guy go away and another one comes to continue the tasks.
      • the slice view have the app formula to show the tasks if data=today and name=useremail
      • and when the first guy finish his job, he open every tasks and the app have an button that if press yes, show the name to edit and the guy put the email from the next one.
      • but some times there is more than 10 tasks and need to open each one.

What i need:

so i need something to change in one time all tasks that have the useremail to another useremail.

You’ll want to use actions to do this.

i’ve tried these with actions and workflow:


do this: Data: execute an action on a set of rows

referenced rows: SELECT(Aba Controle[name], [name] = useremail())
referenced actions: action2


do this: Data: set the value of a column
Set this column: name2
to this value: “teste”


Condition: [DATA]=today()

but nothing happens :frowning: