I need to create a Construction Machinery Log...

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I need to create a Construction Machinery Logistics App, so engineers can request trucks and heavy machinery to construction sites, see where other ones are located, if they are in maintenance.

There is still no Calendar or Gantt views right? (I am trying to think how they would see which machines/trucks would be available at what period)

Anyway, dealing with allocations and requests… lets say a machine is allocated to construction site 01 from june 6 to june 20. And then it was requested for site 02 from june 25 to june 30.

Is there any way in AppSheet to find periods in which it could be requested (june 21 to june 24) and block the request if it requests from June 21 to June 31 for example?

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There is a platform called ganttic which can show calendar events in a gantt view. That could be one solution. We have done it for one of our customers. Chiming in @Aleksi_Alkio

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You can also use Google Charts to create Gantt charts (using google apps script) with sites as task ID and equipment as Resource.

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Thanks Mary. But when you have 130 machines and trucks and multiple requests, wouldn´t one record per day per machine soon create gigantic (and slow) databases?

Let’s say each machine is requested in average for 200 days per year.

That is 26 thousand records per year. Wouldn´t that make the system slower?

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oh wait, in fact, you are suggesting one record per machine for each day of the year. So it’s 50 records per year.

When are these records created? At the start of the year? At the start of the month? Maybe Appsheet always check the current date and creates 60 days of records in advance of current date for each equipment? Not sure how can do this, and what about new equipment?

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What you need to do is

create an “avails” table for each piece of equipment.

For example:

for the month of June - put in 30 records for Machine1.

Your Google table will have the following columns:

Machineid, Machine Description, Available Date.

So … for Machine1 you will have 30 records, one for each day in June.

When you open the Avails table in Appsheet, you can then select the date or set of dates that you are booking the Machine for.

If a client requests that machine for a booked date, that booked date will NOT show up on the Avails table.

Maybe this might help.