I need to create a list by scanning Barcodes,...

I need to create a list by scanning Barcodes, then assign it to a customer. I am new to Appsheet and struggling with how to do this.

My App has- Customers

Products (SKU’s assigned by custom Barcodes) Orders (Really an itemized list that will become an invoice)

I have it set up so I can scan a barcode, assign it to a Product and enter the relevant data including photos. I can enter a Customer and all of their relevant Data.

I have been though the Order Capture App, and many others, including several questions in the Community. I have also tried several different versions of what I see in the sample App and just can’t seem to figure this one out-

I need to scan the product’s Barcode, have it start an Invoice/Order, pulling the relevant information needed to show on the invoice, then scan other products until the list is complete. Once complete I need to assign that order to a Customer, or enter a new one if they do not yet exist.

Is this possible? I believe it is, but none of the examples had enough specific info for me to translate it to my app.

I should add that I have the Reference View working, but I cannot get it to act like the Sample App “Order Capture” in the reference view where you have the option for “Add” to add another Product to the Order. I don’t care for this behavior as it is extra steps, but it does technically work. In my App’s ref view I only have the option for “New” which lets me add a new product, which is not what I need to do from there.

i am also searching for same plz help how to make list of products when scans barcode from database it is in another sheet or tab