I need to get images out of an appsheet relat...

(Keith Winston) #1

I need to get images out of an appsheet relational Google sheet (locations/inspections/images). Ideally I’d create merged pdfs with the images’ related information, from their table and their parent tables. PLEASE tell me this is possible and give me any kind of example at all. Surely someone has managed this? I’m seriously desperate to figure this out, I’m entirely sunk without it. I THINK it would be possible to do something in Google Apps Script, but that’s going to be a project I was hoping to avoid: if it comes to this and you have any examples you can point me to, I’d appreciate that too. Thanks so much for any scrap you can throw me.


Hi If you dont get an Appsheet solution, check out the Cp Apps google + group Im pretty sure they have an addon that will do all of that.

(Keith Winston) #3

thank you @Lynn, but I can’t figure out which app you’re talking about? You appear to moderate that group, so I’m assuming familiarity? I see about 5 apps, maybe, but I’m a little confused at what I’m

looking at, and none seem to do anything like merging or image handling. I’ll keep looking, but I’ll accept further hints!