i need to have an action, open a form to add ...

(Steven Jeffery) #1

i need to have an action, open a form to add a service record for a specific piece of equipment.

How do I do this, and what is the expression to do so?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can do that with the LINKTOFORM deep link action.

(Steven Jeffery) #3

that never works for me. how do I write that?

(Steven Jeffery) #4

LINKTOFORM(“Customer Service Call Add”,“customer view site equipment”,[SITEeq_id])

This is still just opening the form, with a unique PMtask_id.

But not prefilled to put that task association with the company.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

You can construct the LINKTOFORM expression with pairs. Like there was in my sample. Instead of using [Equipment], you can use expression as well if you need to read the value from another table. You can add as many pairs as you need. You could fill all columns if needed.

(Steven Jeffery) #6

I can get it to open a the form, but not with the current row or information.

meaning it simply opens the form, but without the current piece of equipment it is attached to.

(Steven Jeffery) #7

I need to _thisrow function in somehow right?

I will get the expression that opens the form, but is missing the row info and you can tell me what is wrong.

(Aleksi Alkio) #8

What expression have you tried?

(Steven Jeffery) #9

LINKTOVIEW(“Customer Service Call Add”)

ok, this opens the form, but it is a generic form.

it does not have the specific equipment data populated.

If I hit the (Add New) it opens the form, but with it tied to the equipment.

I then put in the rest of the information associated

with the tasks for the specific site piece of equipment.

(Steven Jeffery) #10

LINKTOROW([PMtask_id],“Customer Service Call Add”)

This works to open form, but it is opening the form that is already filled out.

Basically to edit it.

(Aleksi Alkio) #11

LINKTOFORM(“Customer Service Call Add”,“Equipment”,[Equipment]) will open the form with prefilled value from the record you opened it. If you need to open any specific Equipment, you would need to write it like… LINKTOFORM(“Customer Service Call Add”,“Equipment”,“EquipmentName”)

(Steven Jeffery) #12

This is the key to my Site equipment table [SITEeq_id], this is the key to the individual tasks that are added when we do a service to the equipment [pmtask_id]. what do I put where in the formula you suggest?

(Steven Jeffery) #13

Site Equipment’ is the name of the table and PM Task is the name of the table for the tasks.