I need to know if my app is possible and if so where I should start

I have a spreadsheet I use with a boardgame I own to track player assets. I made it do what I want with buttons which limits it’s use to laptops so now I want to convert it to an app to allow players to use it via phone/tablets.

Basically I want to make 5 pages one per player a field on each page for market position(a variable in the game that changes all the asset prices) a field for how many of the asset you want to buy or sell then a button to sell each of the assets at their current prices adjusting your remaining cash appropriately another button the sell the assets at their rock bottom prices which the bad square makes you do and buttons to double/triple/quadruple each individual asset which the good square makes you do.

I’ve done a poor job explaining so here’s the original sheet without the buttons

on the sheet Player 1 A2 is the current market position it ranges from 25 to -25 if you change this you’ll see all the stock prices change
A3 is how many shares of the stocks you want to buy or sell
row 4 is how much you get selling the shares at their bottom prices

row 7 is how many of each stock you own J8 is how much cash is on hand and J9 is your total value in cash and stocks

I’ve never tried this before and all the tutorials are making my head spin so before I drive myself batty trying to make this work is it possible within the limits of appsheet and where should I start

Yep, all sounds possible. I usually start with fleshing out my table structure.

If the total amount of Assets is going to fluctuate, you might need a join table called something like Player Assets that ‘joins’ Players table with Assets table .

Otherwise. If the number of assets is static, the players table only needs a column per asset like you have in the sheet. In the ladder, simpler case, you only need a players table (player1, player 2) and an asset table (prices).

That sounds like a very thorough answer. Unfortunately while I understand most of the words I can’t make heads or tails of their meaning.

Let’s try babying this down a bit for me

Is it possible to make a field in the app linked to a specific cell as opposed to a whole column? And which kind of view would be the best way to do that? I can’t make heads or tails of any of them

Is it possible to make a field in the app linked to a specific cell as opposed to a whole column?

A field IS a specific cell according to column and row, just like in a Google Sheet.

To explain this with the views, on a Form or Detail View, A SINGLE row (Google Forms-like) can be displayed as fields. That field is the value from one specific cell.

On List views like Table and Deck, MULTIPLE rows are displayed (google Sheet-like).

What you are asking for (and much more like trading history, graphs and even trades by asset) is definitely possible.

Where to start: On your Google sheet, set up your players as rows in one sheet (tab) instead of multiple sheets like they are currently. That’s your first Data source to add into the app.