I need to try and combine my slices which in turn would allow all my charts to become one big chart

My question is, what is the easiest way to combine multiple charts into one chart. I have slices in place and they are used to create a chart. 1 slice = 1 table. My charts show 1 month until renewal, 2 months to renewal, etc.

My 1 month slice currently looks like
AND([Renewal Date] >= (TODAY()), ([Renewal Date] <= (TODAY() + 30)) )

My 2 month slice currently looks like this so that the data from my 1 month aren’t falling into 2 months
AND([Renewal Date] >= (TODAY()), ([Renewal Date] <= (TODAY() + 60)), ([Renewal Date] >= (TODAY() + 30)) )

If possible, what would be the easiest way to combine these two slices but my graph to show both 1 Month and 2 month views?

I don’t think that’s quite possible that way.
It seems you’re trying to have a cumulative graph where a record that needs to be renewed in say 19 days is counted in the bucket “renewal within 1 month” and in the bucket “renewal within 2 month”. You’re thinking of either duplicating records to have them in the two buckets or at least of double counting them through these two bucketing slices.

Have you considered using Virtual Columns to tag your records to know which buckets they belong to and then use these Virtual Columns to create your chart?

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Thank you for your response. I need a Bar Chart that will show a count for number of renewals in 1 month but in the same bar chart have a count for number of renewals in 2 months. I pull the data from a date column so therefore needed to create so many slices. I am new to the concept of virtual columns, if you’d care to give me a dummy guide.

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