I noticed that my view of the app logging in ...

(Tina Cheng) #1

I noticed that my view of the app logging in through my computer is different than what I see when I use my app. Any ideas?

I’ve synced both sides too.

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

Check that the versions are same on both by going to About.

(Tina Cheng) #3

@Bellave_Jayaram versions are the same

(Tina Cheng) #4

@Tina_Cheng what I see on my computer is correct.

(Bellave Jayaram) #5

Can you share the screenshots or say how they are different from each other?

(Tina Cheng) #6
(Tina Cheng) #7
(Tina Cheng) #8

@Bellave_Jayaram I included screenshots of my computer and phone app below.

(Bellave Jayaram) #9

There is a difference in that the bottom one is missing the add or Plus button and is showing the search box. Is it the same if you dismiss the search? Are you logged in using different accounts or something?

(Tina Cheng) #10

@Tina_Cheng I set a security filter in my data file so only specific emails can view specific rows.

My email is included and the view in my phone app reflects that. However, I also created a managers table which I am also part of which should allow me to view all files.

The computer version reflects that.

?? OR(IN(USEREMAIL(),Managers[Email]), USEREMAIL()=[Captain Email])

(Tina Cheng) #11

I just logged out and back in from my phone app and that seemed to do it!

Weird. It seemed like I was logged into the right account.

Thank you!