I own a crossfit gym and I offer protein powd...

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I own a crossfit gym and I offer protein powders, pre/post workout drinks, apparel, jumpropes, and other miscellaneous products for purchase.

I have a sheet where these products are for members to fill out their name, date, what product/'s they purchase, quantity purchased, and a space for a coach to initial that they verified the purchase was correct.

I created a spreadsheet that I log these purchases week by week until it gets to the end of the month, where I add these charges to the members bills in the gym software I use for my gym.

Having to log these purchases week by week, or if i get behind or lazy, having to log them at the end of the month, takes too much time and is a pain in the butt.

I was hoping to make an app on appsheet that does the following:

  1. Has a home screen that requires a member to log in.

The reason is so I can

track who is making the purchases but also not allowing other members to

make purchases on other members names.

I would prefer this option but if it

isn’t possible, I would atleast like to be able to give each member a specific ID

that only they would know so they can log that into a space on the purchase

app so that I can identify who they are for the purchases in the spreadsheet

this app would log their purchase into.

  1. Have a drop down menu, or something similar, for what category of product

they are purchasing.

(example: Drinks, Supplements, Samples, Apparel,


  1. Have a drop down menu, or something similar, for selecting a product within

the selected category.

(Example: They picked the category “Supplements”, so

the drop down menu would give them the option of "Whey Protein, Vegan

Protein, Bone Broth Protein, Egg Protein".

Or if they select the Category

“Drinks”, It would give them the options "Water, Muscle Milk, Coconut Water,

Gatorade, etc.")

  1. Have some type of menu that allows the member to add in the quantity of

that product they purchased.

  1. Have some kind of button or option that would allow them to add

that product to their cart and allow them to go through that process all over

again for any other products they want to purchase.

  1. Lastly, a button or option that allows them to complete the purchase and log out so that the app goes back to the home page to allow another member to sign in and make purchases

The reason I would like to set something up like this is so that it automatically updates into a google sheet for me so I can create a pivot table that will pull the data I need to add in each members added purchase costs to their monthly bill so I don’t have to manually go through each sheet tallying up each members purchases into my current spreadsheet I created for tracking these purchases.

I plan on having a tablet set up where the products are for members to use that as a kiosk to purchase items rather than filling out a sheet of paper.

Is this even possible to set up on appsheet? mainly #1 on my list of app requirements.

If so, how would I set this up?


Hi @K_Berg

You should be able to do all this and more in Appsheet. Have you had a look at any sample apps .

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@Lynn Ive been looking through a few of them but haven’t found one that does the things I’ve stated in this post.

The main thing I want to make sure appsheet is capable of doing is the sign in option at the kiosk to make sure the members can sign in first before they purchase


Hi , check out this page.

help.appsheet.com - Require Sign-In: The Essentials Require Sign-In: The Essentials help.appsheet.com