I reached the limit! The maximum allowed row count of 100000


Sorry if I am wrong but according to this article "Limit On Data Size" excel’s is limited to 1.048.576 rows. I have passes 100k and it says the app is unreachable.


From the referenced page, may I ask from which paragraph or line or wording have you got the idea that Excel has a row limit of 1,048,576? Provided you are referring to this page:
The limit specified there is the maximum row and column limit. However that limit can decrease as per:

  • User of external spreadsheet formulas
  • Complex formulas
  • HTML, XML import formulas
  • MS Finance formulas

What specified in AppSheet is the file size limit if you read carefully. And even-if your have 100K rows, depending on the data amount and content of your spreadsheet, you might have hit the file size quota.


Limits on the Spreadsheet

Each spreadsheet provider has their own limitations based on performance, file size, number of formulas and calculations.

I’m already aware that each spreadsheet provider has their own limitations, however the question or query is not that you are experiencing. Please read my reply carefully.

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Excel’s spreadsheet limit is: 1.048.576 rows by 16.384 columns. This makes simply 17.179.869.184 cells. If you type only an “a” letter to each cell, where each character typed considered as 1 byte, your spreadsheet file size will be around 17.2 Gb excluding the heap size bytes, header bytes etc. Each spreadsheet formula has its own weight for calculation. For example:
formula will be calculated as
(Total Number of Characters Used) * (Formula Weight Factor)


@LeventK Thank you for your time and for a great explanation. It seems I should move to a SQL database.

Definitely :hugs: You need to subscribe to AppSheet Business Plan to be able to connect a Cloud SQL instance as a data source.


Hi @LeventK

I have an issue related to this post. I did read your answer and other article about data size but I probably miss something.

I try to set an app with article and composed products. I have a table in it exceeding 100k rows, which appears to be problematic :


The overall data size (in xslx) of the app :

I do see any way to reduce the number of rows in this table. It is a join table (many to many).

Would this issue be solved by SQL data source ?



What you can do, is first try and test the Scale Capabilty of the data tables Panel.

Two Options :

  • Data partinioned in mutiple Files [ need to be the same exact column struture ]
  • Data partinioned in mutiple Sheet inside the same " container File" [ need to be the same exact column struture ]

Both option plus SQL option need a Bussinnes Plan.

But SQL will have other additional cost to run.

I’m French, don’t hesitate to reach me by private mail


Not aware of gSheet’s max row limit but I’m aware that gSheet’s max cell limit is 5M over the whole spreadsheet.

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@LeventK The fact is that I do not have issue with Gsheet. The sheet opens properly. The exceeded limit of rows actually comes from Appsheet, like it can not manage table with more than 100 000 rows.

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Aaa, OK. Then unfortunately I don’t have that kinda deep info about the AppSheet limits. May be a tech guy can tell us.
who can help us for this from the dev team? Can you forward pls? Thnx.

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Asked internally.

From a senior developer: Yes, a database is often a good answer when tables are that large.


What if your GoogleSheet is just about 100,020 rows?
Will it be practical to use a database just becaus eof that extra 20 rows?

Please check out my feature request and support if it makes sense to you.