I realize a lot of you are doing really compl...

(erwin blom) #1

I realize a lot of you are doing really complex stuff with Appsheet. One day I’ll get there too. But can I tell you a little story of a simple app that maken a few people really happy? My children are in a band (Pip Blom) and they’re touring a lot. I see them leave the house with a tour schedule on paper and I thought that can be done better!

I built a simple app with Appsheet where they have all the important information about the gigs, the travels and the hotels in an app. And where they can directly mail or phone or message to venue or hotel if needed, where they can look up the location and go to Google Maps if needed, etcetera. That is very handy for them. But while they were on tour we thought: shouldn’t all the merchandise information be in the app too? So while they were in Newcastle I added a tab to the Google Sheet in Amsterdam. Now they only have to enter the amount of records, cd’s and t-shirts they have sole on a day and the app tells them the total sales in money for that day and for the whole tour. This makes them happy too … It’s that flexibility I like so much about Appsheet and the fact that you can make an app for only 4 people … Great word, Appsheet people!

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Excellent example what you can do and easily. Good work!

(Jos Jaspers) #3

Nice demo you created Erwin, it made me test AppSheet myself.