I really need help. I am trying to find the ...

(Steven Jeffery) #1

I really need help.

I am trying to find the best way to get the most recent records to populate on a report.

I have a company with 10 pieces of HVAC equipment. (For Example)

A Tech goes out every (3) months and does service.

I want to pull a report after each visit that gives the customer a summary of what was done on most recent visit.

I have played with the MAXROW function.

At one time I had it kinda working, until I realized a glitch.

The glitch being, that if there was no updated recommendations on the second visit to customers site for a piece of equipment.

It would pull the one from the first visit, which obviously is not the most current.

I today made a slice reading from PM Tasks (See Below), with the condition that = (TODAY() < [PM Service Completed] + 21)

This works great, in that it only pulls the records for each piece of equipment from the last (3) weeks.

Let me explain table structures:

Table #1: Site Equipment - This holds all the standard information about the unit. (Ex: Model, Serial, Belt Sizes, Filter Sizes, etc)

This information is for the most part static.

Once it is put in originally, it never really changes.

Table #2: PM Tasks - This holds the records for each time something is done to a piece of equipment from the above mentioned table.

This table References the “Site Equipment” table mentioned above.

MY QUESTION: How do I write the virtual Column expression and in which tables do I write it,

To tell Site Equipment to read records from the Slice (Table#2 Pm Tasks) that is filtering the results I want in my report?

(Steven Jeffery) #2

@Aleksi_Alkio Can you help, you originally helped me with this way back in the day.

I ended up messing up your expression you had originally suggested.

It was a MAXROW expression.

Though now I would like to simply pull from the slice I created.

Or do you have better idea?

(Tony Fader) #3

@Steven_Jeffery You should be able to replace the name of the table with the name of the slice in your expression.