I recently moved the folder gathering all ima...

(Ilan Sarbac) #1

I recently moved the folder gathering all images into the place where there is my spreadsheet, but the problem still persists : Impossible to display images on the app, always with a “i”.

PS : All images are for public

Please, is there anybody who can help me ? Thank you very much

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Woud you please copy&paste the image name from one cell (from the spreadsheet) and please copy the whole value.

(Ilan Sarbac) #3

Hello Aleksi, thanks for your reply, images are uploaded from google drive :

Here an image from one cell, below (my image) :



Hi @Ilan_Sarbac, if the values in your sheet are URLs rather than relative paths within Drive, you’ll need to use the method described here in section Url Value for Google Drive: Displaying Images and Documents help.appsheet.com

(Ilan Sarbac) #5

@Adam_Stone_AppSheet Thank you Adamn

Do I have to do it manually for each pic ?

(Ilan Sarbac) #6

I know there’s undoubtedly something I did wrong, but I don’t find it. I am on this problem since 3 days :frowning:


Hi @Ilan_Sarbac, I made a small app showing the method using the example image you gave above. If you make a copy you can see what the sheet looks like. Note that if you have the images in a folder within the same location as the sheet, you don’t need a full URL to display them in the app, you can just use the file path relative to the sheet. When you upload an image through the Image input, this is the form of the value that gets saved to the sheet. The sample app I made shows an example of that as well: Sample mobile apps for common scenarios appsheet.com

(Ilan Sarbac) #8

Hello Adam,

I don’t know how much to thank you ! I am really impressed, it’s just amazing and it works !

10000 thanks

(Ilan Sarbac) #9

I am sorry, it still doesn’t work,

I obeyed the advices, following the steps