I recently started getting an error saying th...

(Alexander Beard) #1

I recently started getting an error saying that I can’t use the =useremail() function without requiring sign in.

The thing is, this was never an issue before.

If the person didn’t sign in, they just didn’t see any of the data.

Now it wants me to sign up for the standard plan, which is ridiculous ($1 per month per user).

Has anyone else dealt with this?

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #2

@Alexander_Beard I belive you’re on a free plan. Using the USEREMAIL() function requires the User Authentication set to ON which will require anyone of the per user plan licence

(Alexander Beard) #3


That function didn’t require user authentication in the past.

Was this an intentional update?

(Alexander Beard) #4

Well I will say that even though I upgraded to the plan the app told me to, our employees still can’t access it.

So, I guess your whole business is just crap now.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #5

@Alexander_Beard I believe you might have a misunderstanding at that point. To read a user’s email address with a USEREMAIL() expression, the user should explicitly log in to your app thru the app’s specified cloud auth provider and therefore to be white-listed on top of that.

(Alexander Beard) #6

No I get it.

However, useremail used to not interfere with the app working at all.

So when a user didn’t log in they didn’t see any user specific data.

When they DID log in, they would then see their personal data.

Now, the app won’t function unless I REQUIRE sign in.

(Alexander Beard) #7

I’m getting frustrated because I’ve been using AppSheet since they first began and it was free.

At the time it was cheaper than buying an app already out there.

Even when they started charging me, it was cheaper and I understood.

However, it seems like now they just keep increasing prices on me.

I use this app for tracking staff in a small family business that can’t afford $1 per user per month.

They also don’t offer any customer service unless you pay premium, which is insane since early on I was talking to the founders and developers.

I may just have to close my account on this one.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #8

@Alexander_Beard AppSheet is still offering free usage up-to 10 users per month fora prototype app. But deploying the app and reading the user’s email and slicing the app data as per useremail requires a per-user app plan.

(Alexander Beard) #9

You have a knack for regurgitating the information from the AppSheet website.

Thank you.

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #10

@Alexander_Beard I’m not regurgitating any info. What I have tried to explain is generic for majority of the systems. Thank you.

(Fernando López) #11


Easy solution: Remove USERMAIL()

(Brian Sabino) #12

Hello @Alexander_Beard the founders and developers are still around.

Praveen’s post on this available at: plus.google.com - Clarifying user sign-in requirement when using USEREMAIL() As some of you kn…

The publisher plans were never intended to support per user or private data.

Those plans were always intended for pure public apps like product catalogs or course schedules.

Clarifying user sign-in requirement when using USEREMAIL() As some of you kn… plus.google.com