I recently switched my tables from shared to ...

(Dan Stoffels) #1

I recently switched my tables from shared to private for an impending update. In doing so, I broke up the old workbook into separate spreadsheets and regenerated all the tables. However, two of the tables–while displaying the correct columns–will not load due to a column mismatch.

I’ve deleted and recreated both the tables and spreadsheets more than once to no avail, so I added random columns in the spreadsheet and the mismatch error resolved. Any thoughts on why this happened?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Did you have any data somewhere in a column without column header?

(Dan Stoffels) #3

No, I deleted and recreated both problematic spreadsheets and the issue persists with only placeholder data.

(Dan Stoffels) #4

The problem runs deeper than I originally thought. It appears these two problematic tables do not add/update data in their respective gsheets

(Dan Stoffels) #5

After some trial and error I found the private user gsheets that are automatically created after the tables are made private. I was looking at the master gsheets, and that created a discrepancy between them and the private ones–also why I didn’t see any changes to the data.

I think the lesson here is to keep the tables shared until you’ve finalized the columns for each table. Which is definitely mentioned in private table documentation. Thanks for your reply