I understand that the ability for appsheet to...

(Allen Elks) #1

I understand that the ability for appsheet to scan UPS, FEDEX AND USPS barcodes and having the tracking number show up in the results is possible but have no clue as how to accomplish this.

The problem I am having is that each company has extra numbers or letters in the scan that is not part of the tracking number so when I scan the barcode there are too many characters in the results.

Anyone know how to tackle this?

By the way I know absolutely. nothing about programming.


(Aleksi Alkio) #2

Hi Allen, would you please give us some examples so we would understand what you should do with your barcode, thanks.

(PostNet Lumberton) #3


Here are examples of the barcodes with the actual tracking numbers in yellow.

The numbers in yellow should

be the result of the scan minus all the other numbers.

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(Aleksi Alkio) #6

You can read the tracking number for another column like RIGHT([Barcode],22)