I want an opinion on a topic related to x/y coordinate

Hi, I want an opinion on a topic related to x / y coordinates. I have 3 formulas and these formulas correspond to the coordinates of certain points in a triangular fashion according to the colum values. How will I load this figure and calculate the picks and show them on the figure?

Are you wanting to show this figure in the app and have it update live as the points are being changed? If yes, I could be wrong, but I do not believe that is possible.

Possible solutions:
Create a scatter plot where those three points are shown but the user will have to toggle between the scatter plot and the form. You might be able to add lines (the sides of the triangle) by plotting it. You will need some way of isolating just that single row entry from the form for the plot.

You could do it without the real time part if your data is saved, then you used python or some other language to generate the jpg/png figure based off the points and then it gets reloaded back into the app.

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Thank you very much, at least I realized it was not an easy thing.