I want to add a feature request for added branding/customizing options

I would like to first say, I love Appsheets and being able to build my apps using your platform. I would like to also point out that most of my clients feedback involve branding/customizing, etc… I think the app building process in Appsheets is very robust and easy to follow as a developer. But, my clients are seeing a lot of the same looking apps - due to the lack of customizing options. If we could have more capabilities to move buttons around (Instead of always being on the bottom - being able to move them to the top - or even inside views). I also think the views are great - but sometimes I would like to be able to hide the edges. Make the data inside look more like it is floating - and not in another box window view. Also, I would like to be able to get more graphical with my apps. More options on graphics, placement of graphics, and live moving data inside views. I love Appsheets platform - but making my apps look and feel different from my other apps gets hard to do based on the low amount of branding/customizing options.


For a little bit of extra graphics I recommend looking at this. It is a big more expert level than most appsheet functions but that comes with the upside of being way more customizable than anything appsheet offers. I do agree that, especially when you are limited to primarily 2 organizational colors like I am, it gets extremely hard to differentiate apps from each other which is a good and bad thing. I think Appsheet has reached a critical mass for data manipulation features and now the design aspect should take center stage.


I have seen this previous post. But it is more a work around to graphics - to me. I feel like Appsheets needs to add a much needed customize/branding/design options to let us developers take our clients to new levels of UX/UI and overall app layout development. Again, I love Appsheets for all it has given me, but i would love to see more ways to customize my apps. Thanks for you response.

What type of apps are you building? That may help understand your request.

Yes. I have built various apps from:

Asset managing dashboards
Asset utilization
along with others…

In the various apps I use views for showing:
Maps (assets)
tables (Assets, financials, utilization)

In the apps I try to use/incorporate different views to show data in many different ways. I use card views, table views, charts etc…

When I am saying I want more branding/UX customizing - I am speaking more in adding some different ways to show my data.
For example,
In this app I show different views in one dashboard:

Here I would like the option to hide/not show the view borders so the images look more like they are floating. I, the developer would know their exact position, but my user would see no borders:

My other request about the button options, I want the ability to move buttons to the top. Right now our only option is on the bottom:

I think buttons at the bottom is more the norm, but I would like the option to place them on top as well. I would also like to be able to place action buttons in different places - maybe even inside a view. This action button may work more as a general button on the bottom that links to another view - but I believe could give you more options in your UX.

I also would like to see another option for the side menu. Maybe a top menu? Make a menu that stays at the top of your app?

These are a couple of suggestions I had to maybe help customize my apps a little more. Coloring is great, but I would like a little more ability to hide views window edges, place buttons and action buttons in more places, allow more options to the side menu…

Does this make sense?