I want to add expression till today in slice

Dear Admin, Kindly suggest me what expression will apply if i want task show till today or till mention date?

Hi @Lovkesh_Aggarwal

There is no admin but a community, to help each other :slight_smile:

I suggest you have a look in the section “Examples that Compare Dates, Times, and DateTimes” in that article:

Furthermore, I suggest you also have a look here, there are good suggestions:


Assuming there is a DueDate column in the tasks table,

[DueDate] < TODAY()


@Aurelien is correct in pointing out that inquiries are normally addressed to the whole community and that we help each other. Nonetheless, your inquiry got an answer from Praveen, the CEO of AppSheet:

So, though Aurelien’s comment is technically correct, this time you really did succeed in getting a response from the top! :wink:

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Thanks sir it solve my problem but i want know how to add two expression? sorry for that i am new in expression but once i know basic then i can do it all myself

Hi @Lovkesh_Aggarwal

    [STATUS]="Not started",

For reference:

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