I want to avoid a duplicate product per received merchandise

The hierarchy goes:

-Reception orders: Provider, Date, Batch number.
-Products in batch: Name, Family, Group, Species, Size, Quality.
-Quantities: Kilograms, Box tag.

Each batch (reception order) contains different products. Product A can come in Batch #1, #2, #3 and so on… But I want to avoid the same product being registered more than once per batch.

How can I validate the Name of the product so it checks if it’s been added already?

Welcome to the AppSheet Community!

First, Names are not the best way to try to validate something like Products. Names can be mis-spelled, typo’d, abbreviated, etc. Then there is the question of whether “similar” names are actually the same product or not. Do you have anything like a Product ID or Product Code that you could use for validation instead? If not, well, you’ve got to work with what you got. Right?

Second, I think we might need a little more information about what you have created and where you are running into issues to make sure we can help you best.

How are the batches getting into the app? Are they inserted using the app? Are they be populated straight into the Google spreadsheet?

The answer to your post question will be different based on how the data is flowing into the app.


Thank you so much for your quick response!

The Name is the concatenation of the Species, Size & Quality. These three fields are filtered, so I don’t think I’ll have much trouble there. I do see how it could be easier to just use the IDs…!!!

All the information is introduced through the App.

First, I create the Reception orders with the following data: Provider, Date (automatic) & Batch number (UNIQUEID()).

Then, I go into the details. At first, there are no registered products, so I add them there directly into the referenced table (Products in batch). There’s exactly where I don’t want any duplicates, per batch.

Please, let me know if I answered what you needed to help me!